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With online shopping now being part of everyday life, having an online store is no longer optional – it's essential. While setting up a site that meets your customers' needs is straightforward, getting your products to them can be trickier. The solution is an e-commerce fulfilment centre – a warehousing and distribution partner that works seamlessly with your system.

Over 30 years in the industry, TIFS has helped hundreds of Australian business find success with tailored 3PL solutions. Our systems integrate seamlessly with most major e-commerce platforms, so you won't have to complete any steps in-between sales being made and goods being dispatched.

As soon as someone buys something on your site, we're notified and the order enters our efficient automated system. All confirmed orders are dispatched within 24 hours, most of these being sent out on the same day.


We're experts in e-commerce fulfilment and can offer custom solutions for companies of all sizes. We'll give you the fast turnaround times you need to impress customers and earn those important five-star reviews.

Our service can integrate with most of the big e-commerce platforms on the market today, so you won't have to lift a finger and can keep your attention on your core business. If you do want to keep track of orders, our delivery process is fully transparent for you and your customers to see.

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Cutting-edge systems

Technology is changing the way people buy goods. Internet shopping makes the process faster, easier and cheaper for customers, who have come to expect a high level of service and efficiency.

As an e-commerce fulfilment provider, we pride ourselves on helping our clients meet these high standards. We sync our systems with yours to create a seamless process from order to dispatch to delivery. This is done in a fully transparent way, so you know exactly what's happening.

Faster deliveries

One of the most important concerns of e-commerce fulfilment is making sure your customers receive their orders on time. There's nothing extra you need to do – just sell your wares and leave the rest to us. Because our distribution system speaks directly with your e-commerce platform, we've cut out the unnecessary and time-consuming steps in-between.

Without you having to take additional measures to confirm orders, we can get to work dispatching your deliveries straight away. This reduces the wait time for your customers and will leave them feeling more satisfied with your ordering process.

Easy integration

TIFS' e-commerce order fulfilment process is simple and efficient. Our distribution system is compatible with the internet's most popular e-commerce solutions, including Dear Inventory, MYOB Exo, Shopify, Unleashed and WooCommerce. These make up the majority of e-commerce platforms, meaning we can quickly connect with most online stores.

As soon as your customers complete their online orders, we'll get a notification and can start the process of picking, packing and sending their parcels. This synchronisation speeds up the ordering system, removing extra, unnecessary steps such as phone calls or forwarding on confirmation emails to get the dispatch process started.

Customer friendly

As well as speeding up the ordering and delivery process to provide a better experience for your customers, TIFS' system goes one step further to keep you informed during the whole process.

The link between our e-commerce fulfilment centre and your online platform is two-way. Once your customer places an order, we're informed immediately and can start packing and sending their goods. While we're working on this, our system speaks to yours so that you'll be updated every step of the way. You can track delivery consignments and get updates on dispatches and expected arrival times.

You focus on marketing and expansion.
We focus on servicing your customers with efficiency and savings.

Related services

Warehousing & Distribution

Whatever size your business, TIFS warehousing and distribution services are an efficient and flexible solution. Our inventory management and dispatch systems will keep your goods secure and get them where they need to be on time and on budget. All orders are sent out within 24 hours of purchase confirmation, with those received by the agreed cut-off time being sent out the same day.

Our distribution warehouse in south-west Sydney gives us immediate access to the Hume Highway and major freight carrier hubs. We work closely with leading transport companies and can offer you competitive rates on local, interstate or worldwide deliveries.

Third Party Logistics

We know that no two businesses are alike and that your business needs can vary throughout the year. However many services you want us to take off your hands, TIFS' scalable 3PL solutions are tailored for your individual needs, now and in the future.

We won't make you sign up for more than you want, and you can keep adjusting your service as market conditions and other factors change. We'll get to know your company and listen to what you need and want so we can put together the ideal third party logistic package to suit your budget and your situation.

Pick & Pack

We'll start to pick, pack and dispatch your orders as soon as they're made when we receive a purchase confirmation from your e-commerce site. Our automated system will process the order accurately in rapid time and our staff will double check that it's correct and complete before dispatching within 24 hours, usually on the same day.

You can monitor dispatch, delivery and receipt of your orders, giving you peace of mind. We ship over 20 million items a year all over Australia and overseas from our Sydney distribution warehouse.

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