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How can TIFS help you?

With more than 30 years' experience in the industry and dispatching 20 million items a year for over 200 satisfied clients, our numbers speak for themselves. But we know you need to see something more specific when choosing a 3PL logistics provider that will have real benefits for your business.

That's why we're sharing this case study to show proof of what TIFS can do for any business, no matter your size or the industry you're in. See how much TIFS could save on your bottom line and contact our team today for cost-effective 3PL solutions tailored to your needs.

Boost your bottom line

Owning or leasing your own storage space is a major drain on a business' finances, not to mention other associated costs of warehousing and distribution like purchasing infrastructure (racking, pallets and forklifts), equipment and technology, wages and amenities for on-site staff, organising transport and paying utility bills.

Other third party logistics providers will take care of these too, but TIFS' personalised services give us the competitive edge. Our tailored 3PL solutions are a smart investment that will deliver real savings and impact on your bottom line profits year after year.

Only pay for what you need

Our tailored approach to third party logistics means we only charge for the specific services and space you use. Whether you only need our help with a few services or you want a complete end-to-end solution for e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing and distribution, we'll deliver exactly what you need and want in line with your budget.

You can modify your services as your business grows or your needs and workflow change. That means you'll never be stuck paying for warehouse space you don't need.

Access exclusive discounts

We've been in the industry a long time, and we've made plenty of friends along the way. This enables us to access highly competitive rates with our partners on your behalf, for everything from the supply of printing materials to transport costs.

Our collective buying power guarantees you the best rates, with many of our clients saving 15%-20% on transport. As we're located close to major freight hubs, delivery costs are also lower, not to mention avoiding delays.

Less hassle and distractions

Our single source 3PL solution means we can take care of everything for you. That doesn't just mean the heavy lifting of storing, picking, packing and shipping your parcels, but also saving you the time and hassle of having to confirm orders, clear your dispatch loads and manage your inventory in real-time.

Our automated software links directly to your e-commerce platform, so we'll be notified when a purchase is made and we can start preparing it immediately. You won't have to send us the notification yourself or go through the hassle of a phone call or email for every order that takes your time away from the things you do best.

Case study

The following case study shows how TIFS helped one of our valued clients, a small toy distributor, to save money and improve efficiencies. This data was shared from their own operating figures.

  • Dramatically impact capital, infrastructure and human resource costs; immediately increase profit by reducing: rent; staff hiring; staff amenities; workers comp; payroll tax; OHS; equipment; electricity and more.
  • We charge only for services and space used - your costs vary with your workflow.
  • Reduce freight costs – our collective buying power guarantees best rates.
  • Moreover, you get relief from the myriad of organisational tasks and human resource concerns which impact your time and energy.

Some Key Business Cost Factors

  • Owning or leasing warehousing.
  • Infrastructure - racking, pallets, forklift, pick faces, barcoding etc.
  • Hiring fees, wages and on-costs for staff to pick and pack.
  • Maintaining and updating technology and systems.
  • Managing online ordering and inventory in real time.
  • Constantly sourcing competitive freight and packaging.
  • Clearing your despatch load each day, every day. Critically in peak season.
  • Managing workflow and staff down time.

A Case Study

The below case study was recently undertaken for a small toy distributor using their actual Operating figures.

  Clients TIFS Savings
Storage $103,451 $40,410 $63,041
Picking $207,475 $193,920 $13,555
Materials $38,668 $31,970 $6,697
Freight $355,893 $310,852 $45,041
Management $70,000 $47,356 $22,644
Total $775,487 $624,508 $150,978

You focus on marketing and expansion.
We focus on servicing your customers with efficiency and savings.

Let TIFS help you

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