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TIFS 3PL Warehouse Distribution Pick Pack

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TIFS 3PL warehouse Sydney

At TIFS, we offer a complete range of 3PL Warehouse services, fully customised to facilitate your needs. Our extensive experience in warehousing and distribution, e-commerce fulfilment and inhouse IT department; means we can provide and achieve total 3PL Warehouse solution whilst giving you real savings on expenditure.

  • We pick, pack and distribute around 20 million items every year for over 200 businesses.
  • TIFS has been providing reliable 3PL services for over 30 years from our state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facility.
  • Our efficient automated processes and exclusive deals with transport providers give you substantial savings.
  • Senior managers are on site every day and we always welcome calls and emails from new and existing partners.

Fast Turnaround

We offer same day dispatch for early orders from our warehouse located close to major freight hubs.

Seamless Data Integration

Our system can sync with your e-commerce store seamlessly so all orders will be sent to us automatically.

Cost-effective Delivery

Our online system will automatically select the most cost-effective packing and transport option for every order.

TIFS 3pl warehouse sydney

Our services

3PL Warehouse and Distribution Services

Warehouse and Distribution

TIFS offers fast, reliable and cost-effective warehousing and distribution from our Sydney warehouse for any size company.

TIFS 3PL Warehouse pick pack services

Pick Pack and Send

TIFS seamless integration with major e-commerce systems prevent disruption to your business. Our pick and pack team will then immediately fulfill checkout, ready for dispatch.

TIFS 3PL Warehouse freight transportation

3PL third party logistics

Focus on the front-end of your business whilst TIFS seamlessly work in the background (integration, warehousing, pick and pack, transportation, delivery etc).

TIFS 3PL Warehouse ecommerce fulfilment services

E-commerce Fulfilment

Our automated service is fully integrated with the major e-commerce platforms. Your orders will be picked, packed and dispatch in real time!

TIFS 3PL Warehouse publication fulfilment services

Publication and P.O.S. Fulfilment

Our flexible system can be customised to your unique requirements. We can deliver your publications or marketing collaterals to one address, or any retail outlets.

TIFS 3PL Warehouse print and design services

Print and Design SERVICES

If you require additional print collaterals, promote your company or upcoming campaignes, our studio team will assist you from start to delivery.


"Let Us Pick, Pack & Send.
The Fast, Efficient & Cost-Effective way."

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TIFS 3PL Warehouse brochure distribution services
Sep 20, 2019 2019 Brochure Distribution to Expos

Brochure Distribution to Expos

If you circulate publications to specialty outlets or private addresses, you need to be sure they're getting where they need to be and on time. With our extensive experience and expansive network of suppliers, TIFS can offer cost-effective and efficient publication fulfilment from our Sydney base.

TIFS Warehouse New Smipack FP500HS Packing Machine
October 22, 2019 The New Smipack FP500HS

The New Smipack FP500HS Packing Machine

The Smipack FP500HS delivers performance and speed due to continuous fully automatic side seal operation side sealing system. The HS model incorporates centre seal and conveyor closing system for small packs with wrapping speeds up to 100 / minute.

TIFS 3PL Warehouse kitting services
Dec 25, 2019 Kitting Services with TIFS

Kitting Services with TIFS

Create new, exciting sales and increase product value by bundling individual items into custom packages - resulting in fewer items stored that will see big savings. Show your customers how important their business is by using quality and secure packaging materials to keep their goods protected.