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E-Commerce Fulfilment

Multi Component Picking

Exceeding Consumer Expectations

TIFS are expert in the area of E-commerce Fulfilment and fully understand the consumer sentiment that drives it – You need a reliable fast turnaround service that presents your products in the best light and exceeds their delivery expectation; eliminating the unnecessary phone calls that result from slow processing.

Fast and Seamless Information Transfer

Our systems can be configured via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to accept orders directly from your online shopping cart, then operating efficiently in the background we will have your e-commerce fulfilment processed and delivered before you’re even aware the orders have been placed by your customer.

Our data transfer works in the reverse and your e-commerce fulfilment customers will be able to access and track the delivery consignments directly from your website. Needless to say you will also be able to track the progress of your orders online via our system.

Complete Integration

TIFS is now fully integrated with Major e-commerce platforms on the market today to meet your
Warehousing, Fulfilment and Logistic needs.

Whether your customers order through Shopify, Unleashed, Dear Inventory, MyobExo and Woocommerce,
TIFS sychronises with your customer's shopping cart to complete their order without delay!

Dear Inventory


Let TIFS Pick, Pack and Send it

– Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective.